Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not a question of IF but WHEN

That's what the owner of the computer shop said to me today when I finally met him in person. It's not a question of if they will hire me, but when. Excited for this opportunity. Again, praying for something for the time being. And wanting to continue to learn more before I start at the repair shop, because I'm currently a little rusty with everything since it's been a couple years since I've been in practice of computer repairs every day. Might also see if I can borrow some books from my brother. I think he's got a few techy books. If he can find them since they moved recently. That's it for now. Just that update.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Wishing that the promise of a job at a computer repair store was only a week away instead of months, when the new store is scheduled to open.

I'm glad someone liked my resume and my Dad's description of how I work on computers (fairly slow but determined to solve the problem, not sell some "quick fix" that will break sooner rather than later). It sounds like a really cool job.

I just need something in the meantime.

I found a bunch of my old text books I can try to sell.

I've thought about posting a sign in the post office for people to call for computer help. Or maybe trying to put together a class on computers for the older folks in the area, or those that generally don't know anything about computers. Not sure how I would pull that off. I don't know of any place locally that has a computer lab similar to what was at college. That would be an ideal setting for a class, because it would be uniform and people could go through step by step. I don't know how I would organize the information either. I mean where does one start? Maybe the "On" button? Lol. Probably, I suppose.

In other news, I've been trying to keep a regular workout schedule. Lost a couple of pounds since starting to work out more often. Need to go at it hard though. Stairs are getting easier, as my knees have been horrid. Not that they haven't always been, just more so in the last few years. I just wish I had a bike. An exercise bike or a Beach Cruiser (old fashioned). That's something I have always loved doing, biking. I haven't been on a proper bike for years. Yeah, I had a mountain bike the last year of college. But I have a strong dislike for mountain bikes or racing/road bikes. I like the Beach Cruiser. It has two speeds: Stop and Go. The coaster breaks are easy to use and don't tend to send the rider flying over the handlebars. The handlebars are at a comfortable angle, not worried about speed or aerodynamics. The seat doesn't give you a wedgie. The fenders make it rideable in the rain. Sadly my old one was accidentally sold at a yard sale my brother had after he borrowed it since I was away at college. Oh well.

I'm a bit stressed right now.

I had some fun editing a picture this afternoon.

I have started watching Firefly. It's a good show. How I went so long without watching it I don't know. I now understand the handful of Firefly shirts and various items on ThinkGeek's website. I will soon be needing to track down someone with a copy of the movie Serenity to borrow and watch.

I am addicted to the app Instagram. I've made a photo album on Facebook to showcase the results of my addiction.

I recently found (in the middle of sorting a box I'd packed long ago) a little jar full of rice and a single walnut, that is now sitting on my desk. :) It's a good reminder.


I won a case of cookies from a contest by @BevNerd.

I got a birthday postcard from Dunkin Donuts for a free medium coffee. Now to get there and get my coffee. Maybe an Iced Mocha. I haven't had one of those in ages.

I recently acquired a guitar. It's a Yamaha. It's electric. I don't have a cord or an amp. It's sitting out of tune in a corner for the moment. I've been trying to learn chords for it. Most people who know me know I'm not very musically inclined. It's something I like, but usually leave up to the professionals. I need to keep my fingernails very short in order to get my fingertips to touch the strings like they should. Working on finger flexibility too. Although my left hand is much more flexible than my right, and I even sign right handed. I can't make a W/6 with my right hand as well as my left though. I blame that on a papercut I got on my left hand when I grabbed a cardboard box wrong when prepping to move back when I was 14. I cut my pinky finger on my left hand and had a bandaid on it, and in order to keep the bandaid in place at night, I would lay my hand down with my pinky finger bent under. This became a habit when I slept, and has caused that finger to be more flexible than its counterpart on my right hand.

Speaking of fingernails, I know it's time to trim them when I can't functionally use my iPod.

I started listening to music earlier to hear a specific track. I completely missed that song and just now noticed I am about 4 songs past it.

I think it's time I go to bed.