Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't think of a creative title

No, Blogger, I do not want to see your preview of the new preview. I want to type. I think. It's late and I'm probably not thinking. At least it's late to my head.

Was trying to look up some stuff in reference to things talked about at the women's Bible study I went to at the church I've been going to since last week. Just went to the Bible study tonight. It was good. It's nice to have people to *study* the Word with. Reminds me of the Bible studies we had in college. Or some of the discussions at college in the classrooms. Anyway, I wanted to look some things up regarding some local happenings. So I was researching some stuff and putting it together in a Word document. That felt like homework.

Nothing much else to say right now. I'm going to bed here in a bit.

I was going to try to solder some infrared LEDs into an array to use with my camera. I got the LEDs back in college sometime and had been holding on to them. I got some of the things to make the array but then forgot about it and finally got a battery hook up and battery the other day. I was testing it out and burned out one of my 10 LED's, so I only have 9 (yeah, do you like my math skillz? lol I have no idea why I had to write that all out.) Anyway, I am not sure if I can run the 9 properly since I can't run them in parallel now. I think they are only supposed to be run parallel. Correct me if I'm wrong. [I'm talking to you-whoever-you-are visitor from Carnegie Mellon University :how did someone from there even find my blog:? serious question. thank  you Google Analytics for making me paranoid.] Anyway, I will hopefully get this stuff together and take some pics in total darkness. It will hopefully be pretty cool.

Anyway... I'm still looking for a job. Local papers/websites not bringing up anything. Would almost like to start doing my little 3x5 art pieces on commission. I haven't had any funny/cute ideas lately to draw. I think I posted what I've done on Facebook. My first one was the glittering zombies (a poke at the Twilight vampires that sparkle), then I drew a mouse working out using the mousetrap bar as a bench press, and a giraffe for my sister. I need to find my jump drive and go print those out or something. The giraffe for sure so I can send it to my sis. I don't know how they'll look printed. I can't tell what the dimensions are on them from how Photoshop tells info. Photoshop is fun. Frustrating. But fun. I just wish I had a Bamboo tablet or something to draw on with a pen. That will come in time. Drawing with a mouse is a pain in the carpal bones. Drawing a mouse with a mouse is a pain in the carpal bones. hehe. Well, the phalanges too. *Dancing phalanges!* At least the fingers on my right hand don't feel much like dancing after spending hours on Photoshop.

OK, I'm getting really random and incoherent now, and if you've made it to this part of the post and you actually *understood* anything I said, I commend you. Because I barely made it through that post.

Goodnight world.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Random idea popped into my head last night while watching YouTube celeb Charles Trippy on his vlog. He was at a costume shop getting make-up for a video he was going to do. Well, one of the people at the shop showed him some glitter they had. Well, "glitter" in my mind = Twilight vampire, because the vampires in the books/movies sparkle in the sunlight. Why? That's beyond my reasoning. But then I got to thinking... why hasn't anyone written anything about *zombies* that sparkle? So, I pulled out a 3x5" card and started drawing. The picture below is what I came up with.

So then I uploaded the picture and opened up Photoshop. From there I did the coloring, and then traced all the lines and made the image below, which has no part of the original picture/drawing in it. But there below is the finished product. A glittery zombie.