Sunday, July 22, 2012


Took a couple vacation days last week.  Spent one day hanging out with family I hadn't seen in a good long while.  We had an awesome day walking around the zoo, and trying to keep from melting, and just spending time together.

Started reading a book by Graham Cooke, again.  Started reading it during college, but got busy and forgot about it.

Can I just say that I'm excited for the women's retreat next month?  It's been too long since I've been on a retreat.  Maybe I have said that before... but it has.

Some songs from the 90's are too redundant and long.... Listening to some old songs on Spotify.  Not sure why I put annoying songs in my playlist...

Excited for things happening at church lately.  The church is learning, in short, about walking in their spiritual giftings... This is gonna be awesome.

I feel like writing more tonight, but gotta get off the computer shortly.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

a post that actually got finished

I keep attempting to write on here, and I keep getting distracted and walking off to do something else.

I finished my Instagram Coasters.

Let me know if you want a set.


I will make them.

It may take a while...

But I will make them.

Looking forward to a couple of things coming up here in the next few weeks.
~ Hanging out with church folks on the 4th
~ Women's Retreat next month
~ Another thing, which I may update on in a later post
~ My niece's wedding in a couple weeks
~ Seeing another niece I haven't seen for ages and taking a couple vacation days to catch up

 Anyway, that's all I have to write for now. It's thundering here. I hope it rains full on... but most of it is currently going north of us. Praying for rain. A long steady rain, and cooler temps so the rain doesn't just creep back into the atmosphere immediately. I'd love if it would rain for a week. Not a downpour, but something the ground would have time to soak up...