Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Whew! Made it to church on time tonight. I can make it if I get out at 5:30... I don't like to rush that much, but I made it!

I'm trying to figure out a way to connect my old N64 to my coax input only tv. Maybe I should see if someone has a newer old tv they don't need. Lol. My N64 has A/V output. Could play my NES though. But sad thing is unless you have a Zelda or Link game with batteries in the game pack, you can't save games on the NES. N64 was somewhat revolutionary in that aspect. lol. I found an old VCR at home. Gonna see if I can play with the wires tonight and get it hooked up. Maybe.... We shall see.

This week has been better than last week. A friend at church pointed out that I have reason to have been down last week: I've had a lot of pretty major life changes in the last few months. Well, the last two months for sure - Moving, my job, car issues, scheduling issues. Just happened to emotionally get to me on the week when nothing seemed like it was going wrong. Oh well. Last week is done. This week has been good so far. Work has been busy. So much so that we are only taking 30 min lunches and lunch is being provided this week. My thought: YAY! I don't have to cook/bring anything!! lol. So lazy, I know! :P

Oh, I got my hair cut yesterday! Chopped it all off again! So nice not having to deal with hair dangling in my eyes/under my headset at work! I got a few complements on it today at work too! :)

OK, I'm gonna get going and get back to my place and see if I can figure out this retro puzzle of old game systems and ancient tv's. I like analog tech, but this is slightly ridiculous. I think I need to find another coax cable...

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have run out of original titles for my posts.

This week has been mostly blah. Bible study and getting my teeth cleaned = the highlights of the week. And those were on my day off. I've just felt so oppressed/depressed this last week, for absolutely no good reason. Sure maybe the beginning of the week was just PMS, but the rest of the week had no reason to feel so crappy. My car didn't break down this week. My schedule was good at work. Work was busy, but not depressing. I even got scored on a call, and got a 100! I've been getting good scores, praise the Lord!

Praying this week is less blah...

Worship this morning at church was good. We sang Hillsong's "Desert Song". Such an appropriate song for today.

Oh, a shout out to my friend Jana. Thanks for reading/commenting on my posts! :) I bid you (and whoever else is lurking but not replying) a goodnight.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Just a quick note for tonight.

Got my teeth cleaned today. Embarrassed to admit but this was the first time I'd gone to the dentist for a routine cleaning since before college. The whole lack of insurance thing and all, ya know. Oh well. But remarkably my teeth are in great shape. I'm getting a night guard to wear while I sleep so I don't further chip my teeth since I tend to grind them at night. Can't wait for that!

I keep having strange dreams at night. They keep me awake/stressed.

Just not feeling great this week. Just discouraged and feeling disconnected somewhat.

Anyway, I gotta jet. Got work the next three days. Was off today since I'm working Sat. Glad tomorrow is a later shift. Goodnight interwebs...

Sunday, March 4, 2012


My computer has been out of commission this week. Well, not the one I am typing on, but my main desktop. I'm going to be getting a copy of Windows 7 and a different HDD to use, and hopefully get my information off of it. Might wait a paycheck or so to get the Windows 7. Frustrating, it is. I just wish that things would stop breaking (car, computer).

My dreams this week seem to be broken too. I just keep having crazy/stressful dreams when I go to bed at night. Of course this week I was sick with the office head cold. That and being on DayQuil/NyQuil all week didn't help any. That always messes with my head. Praying for peaceful sleep this week.

I finally finished the drawings I was working on. I may post pictures next weekend.

That is it for me this weekend. See ya all next week.