Friday, June 26, 2009

rambling while tired...

Not a lot happening here. Moving music from one comp to the other. Hoping it doesn't take too long. At least my music is on my Mac my portable HD and now my PC. I still haven't named my PC... hmm... i might want to do that... Getting tired and need to go to bed while the air is still cool enough to get a decent amount of sleep in somewhat cool air. I woke up the other day unable to breathe, and woke up while on my way into sitting up and gasping for air. I'm sure the dream I was having didn't help much. I don't remember what it was but it had me either anxious or something else... maybe it was the lack of oxygen. Who knows.

Hmmm... none of the CD's that I put on my Mac are transferring over to the PC... coz of MP4 file system? I have no idea. I'm not going to try to figure it out now. This seems almost useless.... Needs to be converted I guess? Gonna try tomorrow.

For now I'm going to go to bed while it's relatively cool enough to sleep. Looking forward to the mid 80's next week and lows in the mid 60's!! Aaaah... temps in the 60's will be refreshing! Might get through the day without feeling like you should shower about 10 times a day (which wouldn't work since as soon as stepping from the shower you feel like you need to jump back in!). Ugh, I dislike hot humid weather! Especially without A/C... got too used to it the last few years living on campus, in basements of places where the top of the house would be sweltering and the basement would rival the Siberian territories... I miss those Siberian territories... lol :P

Monday, June 22, 2009



No job yet. Still looking. Apparently not hard enough... Been putting in applications in online. Going out tomorrow to pick up an application at a place I heard from my bro was hiring. It stinks not knowing the local geography and stuff as far as jobs and businesses go.

It's been hot here, and humid. Sticky yuckyness. You can't be without a fan or you'll drown from sweating. I miss A/C.

I hate being as heavy as I am. Blargh. Been trying to lose weight and it seems nothing works. Maybe lost 5 pounds since being home. Gain it back in clothing though... lol. Been doing more crunches and squats and lifting and messing around with my 8lb sand filled rubber ball. It's kind of fun to play around with, but I stink at keeping track of reps. I go until I get tired with it. Was looking at pics from freshman year at Bethel and realized how not-fat I was at the time, when I felt like I was. Meh.

Not much else to say. Not much goes on here out in the boondocks. Wishing I had friends close by here. Still not met anyone at church. Apparently small groups or life groups don't meet over the summer at BTC... why????? People that are new to the church need some people to hang out with in the summer too, don't they? No job, no social life. I'm on my computer most days doing stuff. Looking for job postings online, playing games, reading articles, looking at pics on Flickr's Explore page, refreshing the page a bazillion times going through looking for interesting pictures... wishing I had a decent camera to take some pics with... what kind of camera you have really makes a difference. You can't take good shots with something that's not built to take exceptional shots. You can take mediocre shots. But that's about it. They are pleasing to the photographically untrained eye. But for someone who wants to take good shots, get good framing, and vibrant colors, etc... yeah. Gotta deal with what I got for now though.

Anyway... that's all I've got for now....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Much randomness about DTV and the postal service...

Oh, I just remembered about my package I had posted about last week. It finally got here on like Monday or Tuesday after I posted that. It still doesn't help my feelings of dissent against the postal service.

Random... or not so random question: Has anyone else had any conspiracy theories run through their head with the whole DTV switch from analog to digital? Has it occurred to anyone else how attached we are as a nation to TV, and that the Government controls that? I'm not against the government, I just don't trust them the majority of the time, it being filled with politicians and all... Anyway... back to the topic: This analog to digital switch has been the buzz of the networks for months now, and it just sounds to me like everyone is brainwashed. DTV is touted to be better than analog with more stations, etc. From what I have experienced, out here in the boondocks of Indiana, it is a worthless piece of garbage. It will not stay tuned, since digital signals go by line of sight, and analog was more like a superball, it would bounce around through pretty much anything. If you have a twig in the way of your brand-spanking-new digital antenna the stations will cut out. A messed up digital signal gets all pixelated and sounds like a broken record. Not to mention the fact that the DTV converter box has to tell you every time the station drops out by putting a somewhat transparent screen up that takes up at least 1/3 of your screen. If you recently looked at the description of your program it will take up all of the screen. And the box doesn't go away immediately. It has to stay there at least three seconds into your program to tell you what the signal strength is. Can you tell that I don't like DTV. I should stop watching tv all together, but it's something to do out here in the boonies... Oh, and DirectTV wasn't much better when we had that...

No point to this post except to examine the human condition

On the way in to church this morning, at my turn on to Lincoln I heard some yelling to my left at the cross street. I was in the turn lane, waiting for the light to go left. The guy at the intersection to my left was opening his door (mind you this is the driver, and only person in the vehicle) and yelling at the guy in front of him. Mr. Big Yellow Panel Van wanted to turn left, and the guy in front of him was going straight, which is completely OK in that lane (silly, thanks to the city traffic dept. who are either unaware or unable to put another lane in, but still allowed). I didn't see the guy in the car, but he just drove straight when the light changed. Mr. Big Yellow Panel Van, who kind of looked like Shaq or a football player as big as he was, decided to continue with his right hand turn, and open the door and yell again as he turned onto the highway, and then as he closed the door, to flip his middle finger up at the driver, who was by then long gone down the street he was on and therefore could not see it.

I just wonder if the guy felt at all silly with his antics out in the middle of the intersection. Yeah, he's so tough yelling at and flipping off the guy in front of him who apparently wronged him by obeying traffic laws, but annoyed Mr. BYPV who wanted to turn right and couldn't. Mr. BYPV really looked like an idiot opening his drivers side door to yell (I'm guessing either the window was stuck/didn't work/or the guy was lazy and didn't want his spaceous AC to dissipate) and then flipping someone off who couldn't even see him do it. Because hurling insults out your door and giving someone the bird is an excellent way to show just how tough you are...

I'm not saying that I'm not prone to road rage. I get miffed at people who blatantly cannot follow rules, and sometimes question how some people obtain a license in the first place. Even on the way home half the people weren't following the speed limit (going slower amazingly enough), or didn't use turn signals... the turn signals really get me...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One more reason to hate the US Postal Service

I ordered a pair of headphones last Friday with the cheap shipping, which was to be 5-7 days. I thought it would be here. It was in Missouri on Tuesday, which should be one day away from here, since the town Hazelwood is on I-64 which runs right past Evansville. You would think it would sort and ship through to Evansville, right? Apparently not. It went to Dallas, TX. For crying out loud postal service, do your workers know how to read? Or maybe they use computers for it and their GPS systems are failing. Texas is not on the way to Indiana! Plus, I just checked today and guess where my package is now... Hazelwood, MO. Really USPS?

Maybe it will get here by Monday or so... Of course, they might be shipping it back to the company since my address is apparently non-existant since I can't even find myself on Google Maps.

Here's the rundown from the USPS website... They are in ascending order...

Detailed Results:
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, June 06, 2009, 11:20 am, HAZELWOOD, MO 63042
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, June 04, 2009, 6:14 am, DALLAS, TX 75398
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, June 01, 2009, 10:44 am, HAZELWOOD, MO 63042
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, May 30, 2009, 1:44 am, BELL, CA 90201
Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, May 29, 2009