Monday, June 22, 2009



No job yet. Still looking. Apparently not hard enough... Been putting in applications in online. Going out tomorrow to pick up an application at a place I heard from my bro was hiring. It stinks not knowing the local geography and stuff as far as jobs and businesses go.

It's been hot here, and humid. Sticky yuckyness. You can't be without a fan or you'll drown from sweating. I miss A/C.

I hate being as heavy as I am. Blargh. Been trying to lose weight and it seems nothing works. Maybe lost 5 pounds since being home. Gain it back in clothing though... lol. Been doing more crunches and squats and lifting and messing around with my 8lb sand filled rubber ball. It's kind of fun to play around with, but I stink at keeping track of reps. I go until I get tired with it. Was looking at pics from freshman year at Bethel and realized how not-fat I was at the time, when I felt like I was. Meh.

Not much else to say. Not much goes on here out in the boondocks. Wishing I had friends close by here. Still not met anyone at church. Apparently small groups or life groups don't meet over the summer at BTC... why????? People that are new to the church need some people to hang out with in the summer too, don't they? No job, no social life. I'm on my computer most days doing stuff. Looking for job postings online, playing games, reading articles, looking at pics on Flickr's Explore page, refreshing the page a bazillion times going through looking for interesting pictures... wishing I had a decent camera to take some pics with... what kind of camera you have really makes a difference. You can't take good shots with something that's not built to take exceptional shots. You can take mediocre shots. But that's about it. They are pleasing to the photographically untrained eye. But for someone who wants to take good shots, get good framing, and vibrant colors, etc... yeah. Gotta deal with what I got for now though.

Anyway... that's all I've got for now....

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mary christine said...

Keep looking for the job. Something will come up.

You can do it! You're determined enough to lose the weight you've put on through college, I know it! You're beautiful nonetheless!! Believe it.

Polaroids and basic point and shoots don't have much to say for themselves in the ways of "quality" but they take some memorable pictures. Use your artistic eye to capture the memories and the moments - everything else comes second.

I love you, sis! <3