Friday, June 26, 2009

rambling while tired...

Not a lot happening here. Moving music from one comp to the other. Hoping it doesn't take too long. At least my music is on my Mac my portable HD and now my PC. I still haven't named my PC... hmm... i might want to do that... Getting tired and need to go to bed while the air is still cool enough to get a decent amount of sleep in somewhat cool air. I woke up the other day unable to breathe, and woke up while on my way into sitting up and gasping for air. I'm sure the dream I was having didn't help much. I don't remember what it was but it had me either anxious or something else... maybe it was the lack of oxygen. Who knows.

Hmmm... none of the CD's that I put on my Mac are transferring over to the PC... coz of MP4 file system? I have no idea. I'm not going to try to figure it out now. This seems almost useless.... Needs to be converted I guess? Gonna try tomorrow.

For now I'm going to go to bed while it's relatively cool enough to sleep. Looking forward to the mid 80's next week and lows in the mid 60's!! Aaaah... temps in the 60's will be refreshing! Might get through the day without feeling like you should shower about 10 times a day (which wouldn't work since as soon as stepping from the shower you feel like you need to jump back in!). Ugh, I dislike hot humid weather! Especially without A/C... got too used to it the last few years living on campus, in basements of places where the top of the house would be sweltering and the basement would rival the Siberian territories... I miss those Siberian territories... lol :P

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