Sunday, April 15, 2012


Meh. This last week was ok. Not spectacular. Not horrible. Just ok. A bit mediocre I guess.

Trying to be positive lately. It's just not working well.

Good things are happening it seems. Although some things are still blah.

Some days I just feel like, I'm almost 27 years old, shouldn't I have more of life figured out by now?

Sometimes what some people mean as encouragement only discourage a person.

Well, I have more I would like to say, but I've run out of how to say it.

I need to go soon anyway....

At least I was able to find a trade this week so I can go to church Wednesday night. Praise God! Seriously!

OK, I must be off...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I know what I know...

... I just don't feel it right now.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

When chased, run...

Just out of curiosity, I wonder why I found that someone, from a company that shall remain unnamed because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, was viewing my blog on discontinued products...

Anyway... that was random to find. I'm just somewhat paranoid I guess. Actually I'm quite paranoid... Especially of my neighbors. I was visited twice, once by the police, and once by the sheriff's dept last month. They were looking for a person who used to live in my apartment. I didn't know where he lived at the time, but I did find out recently. It's within line-of-sight of my door, which I find creepy. Not to mention the fact that he was on the upstairs landing with some people from there the other day and said hi to me, knowing I lived in his old apartment, before I even introduced myself. Creep scale went off the charts at that moment. And I walked past his apartment without knowing who he was at the time, to go get my mail after dark (because that's when I got home), and glanced at his window, and he has his computer there at the front window, and he was just sitting there in the dark, I'm not sure if he was looking out his window or looking at his computer, because I was trying not to look in my neighbors' windows because *I* didn't want to seem like a creep. These are the reasons I am paranoid... and a hermit, for the most part. People are strange.

OK, enough randomness ranting about Creepers...

Now to sleep.. Bet you can't tell I need to go to bed since this post probably doesn't make much sense.... Church in the morning. He is RISEN! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My knee hurts. My left knee. I don't know what I did to it. Other than maybe cram my foot as far beneath my desk chair as possible at work because I subconsciously do this when I'm being attentive on the phone my desk. That and falling-ish off the sidewalk going into my apartment complex the other night probably didn't help. Or the weather, that is now getting rainy and weather-like. Anyway... it hurts. And i forgot to mention that at Bible study tonight during prayer requests.

We had quite the discussion at Bible study this evening. We didn't end up separating into the women's and men's studies. The pastor has something to say about a church sign at some Methodist church. The sign said "God prefers kind atheists over hateful Christians". Needless to say we all kind of went off on that statement. It was a really great discussion.

On another note. I like being included in things. But I don't usually go somewhere or join anything unless I'm invited in a clear manner. Maybe it's my logical thinking/social awkwardness, but that's how I am. Not clearly being invited to a family Easter function, and clearly being invited to a lunch at church on Easter, I am going to stay after church and hang out there... because they cared enough to ask. I don't typically initiate a conversation. Part of my social awkwardness. But I thrive on conversation. I still like listening to conversation, but living by myself, and having mostly one-way conversations in what I do for a living (however much I enjoy what I do it is what it is, and it's a job first and foremost), I do not have many actual conversations. I am a quality time person. If you (anyone: family/friend/stranger/robot) don't initiate the invite, I probably won't go to anything because to me that means you don't care if we hang out or not. It isn't that I wouldn't like to go, but I wasn't invited. Maybe it's something you think I should just get over. Maybe I think other people should understand that. Maybe I'm wrong. It isn't out of hate or dislike or anything ill-natured. It's about the principle of the matter. I have been invited to do something else, therefore I am going to do something else. This is why I don't get out much...

Two more days this week. Then the weekend. Everybody's workin' for the weekend.... I feel like I've heard that somewhere before. How true it is.

I think that's about all I have for now. I know I had other thoughts running around in my head this week. Maybe I'll remember them and post them this weekend. Who knows.... I need to go home because my eyes are getting dry and I'm tired... Still gotta go to the store tonight and get something for breakfast. I'm thinking Eggo's since I finally have a toasteroven... Yeah... Eggo's... :)