Sunday, April 14, 2013

For those under pressure

Reading 2 Corinthians one day, it dawned on me that some of the first few verses of the passage are very powerful in how they say that what you go through is for the glory of God. In my NIV Study Bible, it notes that Paul is probably speaking here in the third person about himself, for literary effect, and not speaking of an actual group of people unless the context indicates such. So I wrote down the passage in first person, as if Paul were speaking of himself here. Look at what he is saying to this congregation:

We were talking tonight during Bible study about how people see things happening to people and they can't understand why. Our pastor mentioned a story someone online told about a car wreck they had seen, and the 4 believers who had been in a car that wrecked and rolled, and then caught fire, had seen a spiritual being pull them from the wreckage. The person online had asked why the wreck had happened in the first place. The primary answer we all thought of was that God would get the glory. I can think of many other situations in which this passage would be applicable. If someone has been in a life threatening situation, dealing with disease, battling depression or suicidal thoughts, facing financial strain or other stresses so great that you don't know what to do... any time something happens that brings you to despair that you cannot handle, or puts you in fear for your life, and you come through that, God should be given the glory. He has brought us through those things so that we would rely on Him. Whatever He has brought you through. Whatever He is bringing you through. He is with you.

~ ~ ~

Below I've included the video "Just Keep Breathing" by We The Kings. Although the group is not a Christian band, this song has a very Christian spiritual theme to it (at least in how I'm looking at it, God can speak so much through music that's not "Christian" music). I follow the CTFxC on YouTube, which is the bassist for the band, Charles Trippy's channel for his daily vlogs. I know that the language and lifestyle of the members is far more secular than Christian. But I think they realize that there's something more. Recently they have been thanking their fans for their thoughts and prayers due to Charles having some seizures recently, after celebrating one year since his first. So they have at least given some credit there. However, there is so much in this song. It's an encouragement that you're not alone. Let go of the things that are too much for you. I'd like to follow that up with "Give it to God". Let it go and give it to God. Don't try to hold on to it. As Professor Scott Johnson of Bethel College used to say, "Inhale grace. Exhale gratitude." God will give you the grace to get through whatever it is pressing down on you. Give Him praise that He has, or is, delivering you.