Thursday, July 1, 2010


Random idea popped into my head last night while watching YouTube celeb Charles Trippy on his vlog. He was at a costume shop getting make-up for a video he was going to do. Well, one of the people at the shop showed him some glitter they had. Well, "glitter" in my mind = Twilight vampire, because the vampires in the books/movies sparkle in the sunlight. Why? That's beyond my reasoning. But then I got to thinking... why hasn't anyone written anything about *zombies* that sparkle? So, I pulled out a 3x5" card and started drawing. The picture below is what I came up with.

So then I uploaded the picture and opened up Photoshop. From there I did the coloring, and then traced all the lines and made the image below, which has no part of the original picture/drawing in it. But there below is the finished product. A glittery zombie.

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