Friday, November 13, 2009

I was prompted to write a new update. I haven't really had much to write about lately. Still on the job search. Sending out the resume. Trying to get my resume snail mail send-able. Still finding odd problems with it to work out. Feeling quite incapable of talking about myself in a way that will "sell" myself to a company.

I did sign up for a temp agency earlier this week and got a phone call this morning telling me I had an interview with them for a job at 10:30 Monday morning. So I'm going to just go to Wal-Mart at get some cheaper business apparel there since my Goodwill hunting the other day returned nothing. Are flats office appropriate? Like the ballet flats or something of that sort? Are TOMS office appropriate? I have nothing, or any idea of anything, to go with dark brown suede shoes though.

So... these are my current musings... Not sure of anything else to write about. Hoping that the interview on Monday tuns out to be a long term thing, as long as it has nothing to do with standing all day waving a super hot hot glue gun around and getting motion sick while walking in circles repeatedly to stick wires down or anything remotely related to that!

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Jana Alexis said...

Answer: Yes! Ballet flats are definitely appropriate for the office. I suggest a black pair - you can wear them with anything. :) Hope your interview goes well this morning. I'll be praying for it!