Saturday, August 28, 2010


Why? You might ask.

Because I received a great honor. Artist Sam Spratt, who has been doing illustrations for Gizmodo this week, complimented my in real life (IRL) adaptation of one of his works.

I had been browsing Gixmodo on Thursday, as I usually do, to read the latest tech news there. They are currently running a series about inventions. One of those was about the accidental inventions that people have made.

The original artwork is at the top of the page.

I was rummaging through some of my things yesterday, looking for a pen that I have placed somewhere, which still remains a mystery to me, and I found a little 1oz tub of Play-Doh. I opened it up, and it was orange. Perfect! I recalled the illustration on the Gizmodo article, and grabbed my camera and a sheet of drawing paper for the background, posed my little orange blob of Play-Doh and took the pictures, trying to get them as close to the illustration as possible. I was using a LED headlamp and my camera flash for the lighting. It was not optimal, but it worked out OK.

After uploading the pictures to my computer and using Photoshop Elements to edit them, roughly, into a quadtych (hm? four pics in one?) like the original, I came out with this:

I then posted the link on Sam's Facebook page. He both "liked" my post, and complimented me, saying that the picture is "brilliant" and he would like to link it in the next batch of his work on Gizmodo!

Needless to say, I hope you can understand why I am giddy!! :) That is such a huge compliment to my work because this was more one of those, "Hey, that's super cute. I wonder if I can make the illustration come to life IRL," quickie idea.

This has definitely made my day! :)

Original article
Info page

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