Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flipped gravity = Weird dreams

My dad said something the other day about some news report claiming that the earth is slowly turning on it's head/gravity is switching from the north pole to the south or something like that. Anyway, I was sleeping this morning and had a super strange dream.

I was in an old house first. I was with my family, the usual ones I think who gather here on Thanksgiving I guess. And in one room, as I was wandering through this house that had more than one level and some split levels, I saw the cat water dishes. And they began to move on their own, both going a certain direction. There were two dishes and both began sliding across the floor as it they had a purpose, then they stopped. I think we moved them back to their original sports (my mom was in the room too), and then after a while (during the afternoon) they moved again. It was getting a little weird.

Then I was in another room, I don't know if it was a different room of that house, or a hotel room or something, but it was a fairly fancy room with fluffy comforter and pillows on the bed and some sort of gaudy tropical decor. And there were more cat watering dishes there. So those dishes began moving. There were cats in the dream too, and they just looked kind of questioningly at the dishes, but apparently didn't think too much of it. At least the cats weren't flying. Then I began thinking in my dream about the switched gravity report my dad had read. I heard something come on the radio about it. Then I began to feel weightless, and started to drift off the bed. I moved around a bit in the air, and floated in one direction, then another, then was plopped back down on the bed from a couple of feet up from it. It was quite exhilarating to finally "fly" in a dream. I then went on to a different dream...

The next dream had me in a camper trailer trying to look at something on a device, and being in the back behind the driver seats, and somehow there were flaps of fabric or the headliner had come down an I had to keep raising it up and looking past it to try and see out the front window. Then I realized there was no driver and I was going down a mountainside in Tennessee. I made my way under the fabric and into the passenger seat and tried to reach the brakes and steering wheel, but I ended up barreling right towards a small pond. I was able to grab a very expensive camera that was in the RV and jump out the window as it went into the water. I grabbed on to something and then was scolded for losing the RV. Then I felt bad. But I got over it soon as I moved on to another dream.

In this one I was with my parents at this large outdoor festival thing. Which is weird because they wouldn't have gone to something like that. But it was something for a weird group I didn't know much about or anything, and didn't really like that much. So I'm not sure why we were there. And then we made our way inside a tent that had refrigerators in it and I was looking for something to drink, because my throat was really dry. So I kept looking and only finding one thing which wasn't something I wanted, so I'm not sure what was going on there.

Then I woke up.

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