Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to blog about?

Hmm... what to blog about?

Energy Drink Blog? Nah. It's going well. I'm sure you wanted to hear that. The only people who support that blog are other reviewers and the companies getting reviewed. Not once has anyone I know personally said to me in person, "Hey what you're doing is pretty cool, you're writing and doing something you enjoy, while also being informative for people," or anything else encouraging. Mostly because everyone "knows" energy drinks are so bad for you. Well, so are a lot of other things.

Exercise? Nope. I hate when people see me exercise, so I do it quietly, where no one will see me. I feel like I'm being judged if anyone sees me exercising. I am trying to do more exercising, obviously (or not so obviously i don't know). I am trying to drink more water than I used to, especially since being sick in December. That whole thing being sick made me want to try to be healthier in general.

Art/drawings? No. When I post pictures I never get comments on them. Although today I finally did, by a friend I have known, only online, since I was about 13 or 14. She commented on my drawing.

I draw random cartoon-ish things, if I see something funny, at least if I think it's funny or meaningful in some regard, and I get an idea of something to draw.

But then there's the single line drawings that I do. I've drawn like this for a long time, always something really small in the top corner of my notepaper while waiting for a class to start or something. I start in one corner drawing a line in random directions and patterns and I come out with a strange looking design that looks kind of like a maze but isn't. Below is a recent example of one of my full page drawings. It cropped a little because the scanner wasn't big enough to fit the whole paper but you get the idea.

Anyway, I was at church the other night and they had supper there, which I had already eaten at the house before going. So I got a drink and I was sitting there with my styrofoam cup and started drawing on it. I was just going to write my name on it (in case I set it down and walked away, don't wanna do that with Mountain Dew!), but instead started to draw in the above style, randomly. A couple people saw it, and asked if I was bored. I still had my styrofoam cup with me when I went in to the youth classroom. A couple of the teens saw it and asked if I could draw a cross for the album cover for their garage band. They thought it was pretty neat. I thought it was interesting how the two groups responded.

Anything else? No. I'm not one of the Newsies. I have failed at carpe diem.

And this is all why I didn't want to blog the other day. Too many stupid negative things.

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Jana Alexis said...

1) I don't think any of this is stupid. It looks to me like you're just rambling your thoughts and that's what blogs are for.
2) I didn't even know you had an energy drink blog...have you mentioned it on here before? If so, I totally missed it. Not a fan of energy drinks, per se (unless you could coffee as one:) but I'm glad you're writing!
3) I work out in secret too. Doesn't matter. The important thing is that you're doing it and hopefully it's helping you feel better.
4) I don't always get comments on blogs or pictures either. It's just the nature of the blog world, I think (unless you're one of those crazy blogs who get thousands of comments...I don't think I would want that kind of pressure though). I like the single line drawing you included...I think I remember seeing some of those back in our college days. :)