Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Blog # ????

Do you ever just get so tired some days that you can feel your heart beat and your eyes are grainy and just want to close even though it is well before you usually go to bed?

Yeah, I'm there right now. Not really exhausted or anything. I only walked a little bit around Wal-Mart with a friend whose house I'm watching for her while she is gone on vacation. It's amazing how even the shortest trip around Wal-Mart can wear a person of any age out. We then went over to her house to go over some things I'd need to know for the week. Also hung out with her teenage son as he tried to teach me a little of how to play Call of Duty (CoD). Such a fun game. Even if I do get killed constantly because I have no idea how to use the controller properly.

Yes, I am a gamer; at least I'd like to think so. A PC gamer mostly. And not even the newest games on PC. I still think of myself as a gamer. I tend towards the retro games, since that is what I actually have. A handful of retro console games. I have the old N64 and about three games on that. The PS1 is not my favorite, unless I am playing Metal Gear Solid. Borrowed that from my brother one time. I like the FPS (First Person Shooter) games on the N64. My first real experience with FPS games was Chex Quest on the PC back in 96. It is modeled after DOOM, one of the original FPS games.

Enough about gaming for now.

I had a dream this morning that I was given a DSLR camera by someone, I don't know who. I went around to places with people and started taking pictures. That was kind of odd because I would really like to do landscape pictures or take pictures of old buildings and industrial sites. But I guess you have to take pictures of people if you are going to waltz around with a DSLR around your neck. I think in the dream I was just excited to have a DSLR and was just wanting to take photos of anything. It kept adjusting the focus and seeing what all it could do and everything. And I was thinking I knew it was only a dream and I didn't want to wake up from the dream. So even after I was mostly awake I still laid there with my eyes closed trying to keep the dream going, and see what I would take a picture of next. Then I woke up all the way, slightly frustrated it was only a dream.

The rest of today consisted of getting ready to go meet my friend in town. Also read some new blogs on blogging, and just a few blogs in general. I feel too wordy and random to have a blog with a lot of readers. Although this blog does get a lot of views. Mostly on the page where I shared a Domo picture from a person on Flickr. Lots of views from Malaysia and the Philippines. I guess people over there enjoy "cute domo" pictures.

I think it is about time for me to go to bed. I keep getting super tired earlier than I normally end up going to bed. Earlier this week I was laying in bed trying to get my iPod connected and cancel the sync so I could put some music on and sleep. Well my eyelids were already heavy as lead by that point, and I was scrolling through Twitter while laying down, waiting on the sync to cancel. I let my eyes close and almost fell asleep. I was in that half-awake-half-asleep stage where I have really weird dreams/whatever those are called at that point. Really weird stuff anyway. I was anxious as I woke back up momentarily enough to set my iPod down on top of the old computer beside my bed that doubles as a nightstand. I don't think I've been that tired in a while. I don't even know why I was so tired. I usually end up staying awake past 2am. This was right at 2am and I was out like a light, fairly literally.

Maybe tonight my bed won't be occupied by a relatively small feline. Lately Missy has taken to sleeping on my turned down blankets, and leaving me little room to lay down.

Anyway, it is time for me to go sleep. Maybe I will have some more strange dreams to blog about.

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mary christine said...

"small" is not really the term I would use to describe Missy.... ;)

Dreams are interesting....