Monday, April 6, 2009


So, my liking of caffeinated beverages has paid off... I got a phone call today from a number I didn't recognize. I answered, and the guy on the other end asked to speak to me. I said I was Nora, and he said that he was calling to inform me that I had won the Bawls BMX bike. I was sitting here like "Are you kidding?", coz I'm used to getting these things saying I've won something but there's a catch, like they want your credit card info or something. This was not one of those calls. He asked me to confirm the address they had on file for me, which he read off first, and said that the bike would be shipped within 2-4 weeks. I asked if it would be getting here before the end of the month, and he said he would make a note on there to ship it at the latest by the 25th. Crazy!

This is the bike that I will be getting!

I will be lucky if I can actually ride it with it being so small and me being fairly large... ugh... I hope to be able to use it to some of its ability soon... working on this whole losing weight thing. Been doing some calisthenics exercising lately, just to get my metabolism up more than what it is. I think it's been working. My abs have a slight bit of muscle to them now instead of none at all. So, at least i'm heading in the right direction.

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