Thursday, September 16, 2010

Because I want to post my art

I was watching T.V. the other night and saw the Walgreen's commercial for this year's flu shot campaign. It shows a woman getting a flu shot and going to the office where the people are Neanderthals and do the grossest things possible that share germs with one another (which is sad that that is probably all true to life in most places... ? people are gross), and the woman was all happy that she had gotten her flu shot.

And because I had already thought of doing a drawing with a hazmat suit in it, I decided to make this drawing. Because if you don't get a flu shot, you should probably be wearing one. Or maybe you are wearing one so you don't have to get a flu shot. But I thought it was funny, so I drew it. There you go. A peek into my train of thought. I hope you enjoy the drawing.

I hope people have liked the art I've been posting. Let me know what you think. Do you like it? Is it funny? Maybe you shouldn't answer those questions.... lol. I hope that what makes me laugh will also make you laugh.

I usually think of these random things that make me laugh or something, like
Zombies Glitter Too - My response to Twilight
Mouse Working Out on Mousetrap - Isn't it ironic? Dont'cha think?
Walking the Wok - Because things mis-said lead to funny pictures in my head
IRL Play-Doh! - My non-drawing, a.k.a. photo, imitation of a drawing by a really talented artist
And now this response to thinking about the Walgreen's flu shot commercial.

Yeah, it's only like 5 things so far. But I'm hoping to keep this up. I just need more random ideas to pop into my head o.O
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Jaimee said...

You go! Don't be afraid to display your art ever!

Nora said...

Thanks Jaimee!! I'm glad you liked it too! :)