Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Job, Sushi, Dreams

Update on the job front. I was told of a job at Mead Johnson by a friend from church who works there. I sent in my resume. I went in for the interview. I was the second person in line for the job. The first person in line for it passed on it for whatever reason. I don't think that is a coincidence. I've felt God moving through this process with this interview and everything. I got the call Friday afternoon offering me the position. I obviously accepted. It is a temp job, about two months I believe. I may be starting next Monday. I'm not sure quite yet. I went over for the background check and drug screening today. They said they might have me back Friday for a session and then Monday for orientation. The position is doing office work, a lot of troubleshooting a program and digging around in it to find what needs to be found, and calling companies verifying data, etc. I am very excited to finally have a job! God may use this to open more doors for me!

The church I am going to, NPCC, is starting a singles ministry. So some of the singles are going to be getting together on Saturday evening to eat, have a Bible study, and watch a movie. I have the sushi rice, seaweed wraps, and bamboo roller to make sushi, so we will be getting things for filling for it that day. I am excited to make sushi again! And *eat* it! :P At least it won't be near as hot as the last time I made sushi, in the middle of the heatwave last summer.

I've been looking at various Flickr streams lately. And have been dreaming about a DSLR camera. Can't get one yet. But I can dream, can't I?! I always look for places where I'd like to take pictures. I have an app on my iPod for photography. A few apps actually. I like using the filters that make the pictures look aged, like an old slide, or early film, or Polaroid, etc. And those are all great for the 2.1 MP quality of the iPod. I dream of taking pictures in high quality, like more than 12 MP, more like mid teens on the pixels. I know some point & shoot cameras are at least 12 MP, which is a far cry from the 5 MP one I have. But I always want to manipulate the depth of field (DOF), the focus, manually, and get the sharpness where I want it, and get better quality images that aren't as pixelated when zoomed in on. Also being able to set shutter speed since I have a fascination with nighttime photography. That's just something I want to do someday. Of course I also dream of the day Polaroid re-establishes it's 600 film...

2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

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