Monday, October 3, 2011

Review blog and Etsy

Updated my review blog. Posting all my old reviews. Then I may see if I can get back into doing reviews.

Also, I've been working on making iPod/iPhone/gadget cases from felt with all sorts of geeky designs. I am going to put them up on Etsy when I get a few made up, like 5 or so designs, just to start out. I made a prototype design, of the Serenity logo from the movie Serenity (for all you non-geeks it's a movie based off the sci-fi space western series Firefly). Also making a case that looks like bacon. And one of the TARDIS (the British Police Box time machine from the long-running British series Dr. Who. (In all honesty I've never actually seen a full episode of Dr. Who but it is quite popular in the geek realm.) I will probably be making more Domo inspired cases, as well as the Creeper from the popular game Minecraft. Thanks to Thinkgeek's New Items for always keeping me up to date with all the newest popular items in geek culture. I usually watch what goes up on there because I find it quite intriguing.

Also, I'm helping the neighbor at her flea market on the weekends.

That's pretty much what's going on.

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