Saturday, February 11, 2012


~Woke up late this morning because I set my 5:30 alarm... that is set to go off only on weekdays. Not on weekends.

~My car door was frozen shut and I was 15 minutes late to work this morning. First time being late. I don't plan on letting that happen again.

~My old laptop computer's keyboard decided to forget how to use a few integral keys. So here I sit at my laptop with an old Mac keyboard sitting on top of it to type on.

Not much else to say about that. It was an interesting day. And I'm going to get some sleep soon.

I logged in to my AIM account earlier and saw the old username of one of my cousins that I've only spoken to online. I Googled him to see what he is up to these days since we don't chat any more. Kind of scary how easy that is. But I found he has started his own business in, what seems to be, the family hobby of photography. So funny how many people in my family are into photography.

Anyway, that was a kind of random discovery for the day.

It's so odd typing and not having to make short little notes after doing that all day.

I also tried to talk on my cell phone this evening after getting off work, and I couldn't understand anything my friend was saying. My brain was just too tired or something after listening to voices being processed electronically all week. My ears have just been longing for some analogue communication. So happy for church tomorrow. And although tomorrow is going to be fairly busy, it is my Shabbat, and I so need it.

Shabbat Shalom.

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