Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to the grind

My Shabbat is over. Back to the grind tomorrow. I feel like I have some kind of sinus stuff starting, so gonna have to try to head that off, or at least make it not take me over. Praying for healing. I just don't want to feel cruddy all week/not be able to talk on the phones.

I have a few thoughts I would like to post here tonight, but I need to be getting back to my apartment. I also don't have all my thoughts gathered together very well yet on what I would like to post/respond to. May or may not end up posting my thoughts either...

Really enjoyed church today. It was challenging. What is my place/role? Still searching for that answer. For that matter, what are my gifts/talents?

OK, time to get back to my apartment, and get settled for the evening. Need to do dishes when I get back too. Ugh. Glad I hopefully have this coming Sat off. Now praying I can switch on Wednesday to be able to go to Bible study. For now, heading back into the black... (ref. Firefly, for those who didn't get that.... and my current lack of internet...)

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