Sunday, May 6, 2012


Another week ahead.

The worst part about the coming week - more than likely not going to get to go to church Wednesday night. Unless someone decides to swap schedule with me. My schedule is late. At least I may be able to go to bed "on time" this week, instead of being up later than I should be. I'm still too much of a night owl even without a computer to keep me up at night.

I also have no idea what I'm going to take for lunch this week. I never have any ideas what to take/fix. I have stir fry I can make for a couple days. I'm too indecisive. Breakfasts and dinners are usually figured out fairly easily. Just figuring out what to take for lunch.

I need to search out my old wallet. I had some things tucked away in it, and need to find them.

Hoping this week goes well. Training is going well. I'm being trained to answer the emails. I'll also be training to answer online chat through the website as well. Can. Not. Wait. I love getting into the electronic communications part of things. It's what I do best.

OK, time to get off of here. Get out from in front of the cool fan. And go eat a brownie my sis just said she's making in the microwave. Thanks, Pinterest! lol.

Just a side note... I need a refresher course for grammar. I should search out my college books.... Although I don't think I still have my grammar book from freshman year...

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