Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another week

Work went well last week. Good things happening.

Bible study this last Wednesday was good. It touched on some things that have been on my mind/heart lately. Sad I will probably miss this week.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. My parents will have some extra guests on Saturday night. I may be camping in the yard in a tent with my air mattress. 6 people, I think, is the headcount for the visitors. Cousins that haven't been out this way in ages.

Gotta go put up my pizza. Lunch this week. Trying to figure out what to take for lunches is absolutely insane. Especially when one is not inclined to cook very often.

Thinking about... a lot of things. Getting an iPhone? It may be a possibility depending on my budget, which I need to take another look at. Getting a working vehicle. Mine still kind of works... barely... I need a car more than a phone, obviously. Doing more art. I need to get some designs/stencils to work on. I need to clean my apartment....

Speaking of which, back to it I go.

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