Monday, October 22, 2012

Holy Spirit move me: take two

We saw the Holy Spirit move at church yesterday. What started out as ordinary Sunday worship quickly changed into something extraordinary. Holy Spirit took the service and ran with it. People were being healed. Others interceded for loved ones. We stood there praising God for over an hour, maybe almost two. I don't know how long it went really. It could have lasted all day if we hasn't dismissed.

My only regret is not going forward to the altar. I had just asked for prayer during our morning Bible study for my index finger that feels like I jammed it. It just doesn't want to bend properly right now. Why didn't I go forward? In writing earlier, my first attempt at this post which won't be posted, I came to the conclusion that it is because of fear. Fear that I will not receive the healing that others were receiving. The fear that I would just have to deal with it. Why can't I just go beyond that fear and experience freedom? I am praying for the heavens to open up again during service. The Holy Spirit is moving in our little church. We have already faced opposition from the enemy. The enemy has had to report an uprising. God is going to do things through this church. Big things. We don't know yet what God has in store for us. But we are prayerful and are continuing to seek Him.


mary christine said...

You live in an open heaven. Holy Spirit lives inside you.
Here's a simply little four line prayer we use at my church to activate faith in people for healing:
This healing is for me,
Because of what Jesus has done.
I receive my healing now,
In the name of Jesus.

Go ahead. Say it. Check it, and see if anything changed. Speak to your finger and tell the bones to be placed in their original places, the nerves the tendons, the bloodvessels, everything that makes up your finger, to come into alignment with heaven. See what happens.

Jana Alexis said...

I'm excited for your excitement, Nora. May Jesus be glorified through you and your church. Keep the posts coming. :)