Monday, January 28, 2013

Famous One

I was reading through my news feed on Facebook earlier. Someone posted about a famous person being at a meeting or conference they were attending. They said they would be front and center in the audience while this person were speaking.

When I read that I though that If given opportunity to meet someone famous people stand in awe in their presence.

We have opportunity, not only every once in a while, but daily to stand in the presence of the true Famous One.

Do we treat our time with God the same we treat our time with a human who happens to be popular in the eyes of your peers or the world?

I'm not saying that we run around screaming our heads off and fainting like these preteen girls do for Justin Bieber.

What I am saying is that maybe we should be a little more excited for what God has done through Christ for us! We clap louder for a good play during a football game on tv. Should we not cheer that God has defeated death and given us eternal life? Isn't this something that we should be a little more than ho-hum about?

Anyway... That's my random thought for the day. I know it's not a very well written thought, but it's what was on my mind.

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