Friday, July 18, 2008

catch up

It's been a while since I last posted. It's been an interesting time for sure.

The last week we had "The Press". We had the kids, and us leaders, going rafting, climbing rock walls, going to the zoo with a bunch of people from a group home, watched "The Count of Monte Cristo", and put together a 500 piece puzzle.

I think I have been realizing some things I need to change in my life. Although right now my life seems to be full of changes.

I am resisting the feeling of loneliness that is pressing in on the edges right now.

I need to spend some more time with Jesus.

I need to spend some more time with my family.

I need to spend some more time with my friends.

I need to get organized. However slowly, but surely. I just need to gain the skills.

I need to humble myself before God.

I need to get rid of my pride. It's tripping me up a lot lately.

I need to change my attitude... to a better one... not to a nonexistent one.

I need to get a handle on a lot of things right now... although I am pretty sure that even if I did I would not be able to lift them all at once.

I need to take my car into the shop.

I need to learn... a lot more... about a lot of things.

I need to put the things I have learned in to action... if I can find them in the dusty corners of my mind.

I need to take time to revitalize... my heart, my soul, my mind... instead of going constantly doing things, or just by doing pointless things...

I need to be still.

I need the prayers of my friends... for both myself and for my family... especially for my Dad, who is having some tests done soon to see if a spot on his kidney is cancer or not.

I need to refocus on God.

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