Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some days i just want to quit this thing.

I got a 20 minutes lecture from C. today about how i need to get the room cleaned up because it wasn't fit to live in, and K. wouldn't have any place for her stuff if i kept all my stuff in here.

I finally got some of my stuff in storage. Just gotta organize the rest now. Which hopefully won't be too hard.

Why did i get so stinking emotional when i was talking about the stuff?

I sent him an e-mail and tried to explain where i was coming from... and why i was so emotional... i don't know if he's read it yet or not.... i can never seem to talk well over the phone or in person when i'm an emotional wreck....

I'm just tired of getting lectured about stuff, and having everything be my fault, and being told i'm so disrespectful and whatnot.

I'm not, am i?

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