Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trying not to be a sourpuss...

SEW has been going well this week. I need to podcast the messages though, so I can listen to them again.

Classes are going. They have hit a pretty steady pace, that I have been trying to keep up with, but I keep lagging in my pace somewhat. I'll try to get things done and then when I walk into class realize I forgot something. I've also been very tired as of late, like practically falling asleep in my latest classes of the day, which I never get out of class until 4:00 or 4:30pm on any given day.

I have had to give up going to youth group on Wednesday nights just so I can get my Thursday homework done on time. My busiest days class wise are Tuesday/Thursday. Busy-ness wise, it seems that M-W-F are far surpassing T-R. Why? Well, I have Chapel, and work for 2 hours, then finishing homework before my one and only class for the day at 3pm.

I just got off the phone a little bit ago with my car insurance agency. I acted like a jerk, i think. I had not received a bill from them the last couple of months. The person I was talking to was like "Well, you know you bill is due by a certain date, and it's your responsibility to turn it in. The bill we send is complementary." A complementary bill? I was hoping for one that comes every time I should pay it so I have the form and all that, coz otherwise I don't know where to send it. So, I just moved money from my very low savings account to my extremely low checking account and paid the bill over the phone, so I can have coverage on my car now. I also asked them to send me the form for them to take the payment out of my checking account automatically. I just wish they would hurry up and set up an online payment thing so that I wouldn't have to deal with their antiquated system of doing things. But it's in the middle of Cornfield, USA, so what more can you ask for?

In the last couple of days three people have complemented me on my "cool bike" that I have been riding around campus. Honestly, I thought it pretty ghetto. The seat doesn't match the bike in any way, and it slips when I have my backpack on so that the front of the seat goes up and the back goes down which is slightly awkward to sit on when riding. Of course I end up standing up on it most times while I'm riding, just coz I feel more stable when standing... for some really odd reason. I still wish that I had my old/new Huffy beach cruiser that I got for my birthday or something when we lived in Griffin. I like the beach cruisers with the curved handle bars and coaster brakes and comfortable seats much better than a speed bike with hand brakes. But I will take what I have right now.

I don't have much else right now... to say... or just in general. I've got nothing.

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