Saturday, May 30, 2009

By Request: The Interviews

So today I had an interview at 9am at BestBuy for the Geek Squad job. Paul and Chris, the two Geek Squad guys that are over sales and tech respectively, interviewed me. Paul said that he was excited that a girl had applied to the Geek Squad and he could tell from talking with me that I knew what I was doing with a computer. Paul said that the first interview was the most important since he and Chris would be the ones I would be working with the most. He asked me back for my second of the three interviews that is the process for BB later on this morning at 11:30am. So I hung around Panera and Wal-Mart and grabbed some lunch at the McD's. Then I went to wait a little while in the parking lot at BB and went in a couple minutes before 11:30. When I got there the guy who was to interview me, Brian, hadn't arrived yet. I hung out at the front until he got there and was ready to interview me. The interview went well, I think. I was asked some questions about how I've dealt with customer service issues at my previous job. I could not for the life of me recall any complete specific examples and was stumbling over my words a bit, but I think it went OK! I was asked back for the third interview with the General Manager for sometime next week. They will call me and let me know a time since the GM is out for a few days and they were unsure of the schedule when they returned. So hopefully I will have another interview on Wednesday or somewhere about there next week! Be praying for me!! :)

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