Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random thoughts

Just watched the message from last week at Bethel Church in Redding, CA on their website. It got me to thinking. A lot of what they talk about, preach, live, experience has to do with the prophetic and the movement of the Holy Spirit. I know that one of the ways that God speaks to people is through dreams. Lately I have had a couple of different dreams, or more than that even, that have gotten me to thinking and wondering if or what they mean. One dream I mentioned before here I think, that had to do with being held hostage in a room with rocks that had valuable coins on one side and words on the other, and I was able to make a pile of them from the other rocks that I and a few other people were sitting on. The people holding us hostage were looking for the rocks with the coins. I had a dream while I was taking a nap this afternoon that I was sitting on a bench or at a table at what was possible a restaurant or coffee shop, and I was outside, sitting there with a laptop in front of me and a bag, which I think was the laptop bag. I went inside to get something, and had only been gone for a moment, and went back out and the laptop and bag were gone. I tried to remember the faces of the people who were there but had left. That didn't seem to matter so much when I noticed that there were random currency that were hidden by a door that seemed to be abandoned. I found myself pulling bills and coins from under the edge of this abandoned door of an abandoned building. No one who was around seemed to care and some even seemed to question my sanity as I kept pulling these items from below the door. I am not sure what value they had or anything, if they even had a value, but it wasn't like I was greedily gathering them in hopes to become rich. It was more like in each dream that these were things of value that were not properly being cared for or protected as they should. Maybe money was used as a symbol because it automatically translates into value for people? I don't know. I just thought that the second dream was really interesting when I woke up from it earlier this afternoon.

Anyway... not sure if anyone else will make heads or tails out of this post. I guess that doesn't really matter?

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