Saturday, May 30, 2009

Honeysuckle and a Tape Deck

Yesterday evening I drove into Evansville to go get some khakis, and a better fitting top for my interview this morning. As I was driving into town on the country road, going East, the sun was setting behind me. The air was cool, almost cold. There was a honeysuckle breeze. A blue sky with a few clouds. I pulled out my 3 Car Garage tape by Hanson and popped it in the tape deck and started singing along. On the way home I put in Middle of Nowhere and sang along to it.

I like nights like that.

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Holly said...

This makes me want to be back in Indiana... driving with my windows down in the midst of all those corn fields! I'm glad you had a good honeysuckle breeze night. =)

Oh, and DO tell us about the interview you had!