Friday, July 10, 2009

I have a job!!! Now I just have to get there...

Hey all! I just got a job with Camfel Productions out in California! They are a Christian not-for-profit that sends teams of techs out to show their life changing videos to students across the country. To find out more about what I will be doing you can go here and check out their FAQ page about the job. It is right up my alley - technology, ministering to teens, long drives and seeing the sights of America!

The only thing is I have to fly to get out there. I will be flying out on the 16th of August, right after returning from a friend's wedding in Ft. Wayne. They are wanting me to be there by the evening of that Sunday, the 16th. I will be missing one week of training, but they are OK with that. I will be just a little behind everyone else, but will hopefully adjust quickly and get to know my teammates well before heading out on the tour.

I am trying to find a decently priced and scheduled flight. If I drive back home from Ft. Wayne in the evening of the 15th I should be able to be here, get a couple hours sleep in and then get a flight in the morning so by the time I get through with the layovers and stuff, I'll be in California by evening. If I get a flight that's a few dollars more, like $20 more or so, I can be leaving EVV in the morning on the 16th and getting to LAX or ONT by mid-morning, which would be good.

Right now, in order to get there I need to raise support. I have been out of a job since May when I graduated, and have had no income since then. What I had has gone to my monthly car insurance and cell phone bills. Right now I don't even think I will be able to afford gas to go to church for the next month since it's about half an hour away.

So... I need your help. Since Camfel is a non-profit organization I have started a ChipIn to raise support so that I can get to my job. I will have to raise the funds for the flight out there, which is going to be between $204 and $230, depending on how soon I can get the funds to get a ticket, and then another $200 for general expenses during the first month of work since we do not get paid until the end of the month.

I believe that this ministry is where God wants me to be for the next 10 months. It is an opportunity for me to use all my skills in computers, in ministering to youth, and in my Christian walk. It will be a growing experience for sure. I will be challenged to be "Jesus with skin on" as one of my favorite profs says, to these kids, just by my actions as a Camfel tech. This job, for me, is a call to be the hands and feet of Jesus where my actions will speak louder than my words. Many of the schools I will be going to are public schools, so "preaching" is out of the question, but "being" is not.

Here is the link/widget for my fund raising efforts. If you can, please donate something, even if it's only $1. Every little bit, the sooner the better, helps!

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