Sunday, July 12, 2009

Packing list!

I am trying to think of and plan out what I am going to be packing with me to Camfel Productions. I'm trying to keep in mind the fact that I will be on the road the whole time, except for the first week I'm out there, which is for the training.

I will be packing my laptop and camera in my backpack, which I will use as carry on... Plus that is also my laptop bag, so it makes sense.

I need to find my other SD cards to take. They're not big capacity wise, but it might be good to have one or two others lying around just to use if I fill my main one up. I will be taking a LOT of pictures!

My luggage will consist of the rest of my stuff:
- T-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, khakis, dress shirts, etc.
- General bathroom stuff
- Shoes: I will more than likely wear my current pair of Vans, loosely tied, during all the flying stuff. I will pack my canvas Airwalks, my TOMS (although I will have to have band-aids ready since they hurt my pinky toes to walk too much in), my Avia sneakers, and my Vibram FF Sprint's. Definitely taking those... :P
- Domo Hoodie is coming, for those cold days. I will probably buy a jacket or something when I get to Cali or somewhere where it's actually cold.
- Notebooks/journal/reading material will also be coming, although not much.
- Domo will of course be coming!

I can't think of what else I should take or buy. I don't even know what I will need for living on the road for so long! It is suggested by Camfel that we bring a sleeping bag, easy to set up/tear down tent, rain gear and snow gear.

I'm also going to get some plastic ziplock type bags to put all my stuff in so it can be easily organized and not get stuff on it if something from my bathroom stuff leaks, like shampoo.

I only have about 1 month to go. Just a little less since I will be packing my stuff at least by the weekend prior to go to Jana's wedding and then come back and leave for Cali the next day! I hope to get to South Bend prior to that, though, and visit friends up there before I go out on this crazy adventure!!

I'm glad I like to drive. Coz I'm gonna be driving a LOT the next 10 months!!!!


Anonymous said...

don't forget to give domo some dramamine so he doesn't get airsick all in your luggage...

Nora said...

Oh, Domo is going to be with me, probably sitting in the window as I take his picture, looking out into the sky!! lol :P