Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Keeps On Ticking Ticking Ticking...

Two more full weeks and part of a week until I will be reaching the beginning of this upcoming adventure. I looked at my little calendar on my computer and rechecked it to make sure it was correct.

I am still trying to figure out when I should leave to go north... if I want to try and visit friends in South Bend or what, prior to going to Jana's wedding. I need to look over the invite for the time and location again, so I can print out a map before I leave out for it. If I had printed a map any sooner it would have gotten lost amongst all my insanity in my room!

My only problem with leaving any earlier than Friday is that my Dad's birthday is on Thursday. And I want to be here for it, but I would also like to be able to see friends in South Bend, if at all possible... I would love to be able to get up there on the Wednesday night so I can go to SouthGate to the youth group and to see others there.

I have two weeks to finalize my plans... and get my stuff packed... and remember to print vital info out - like a map to Jana's wedding, and my flight info so I can pick up my tickets (they give you a sort of "password" I guess you'd call it). Also, in the middle of trying to get everything else in line I will be moving most of my stuff that's in boxes and whatnot into a storage barn that my Dad got for me to put my stuff in so they could "have use of the house". Oi vey.

So...... yeah... Sorry for anyone who actually sat and read this whole post... It's mostly my pointless trying-to-figure-things-out post... Well... maybe not so pointless, but fairly useless information... I guess.

OK... I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead, sort of, and not babble on anymore. I don't even feel like this post is making any sense, and all I'm talking about is how indecisive I am being at where to travel when... except for that weekend, which is pretty much set in stone. The week is pretty flexible yet...

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