Friday, August 28, 2009

Completely irrelevant post about nothing

I took a nap this afternoon and had a strange dream. I was driving an old car down a small road on a campus of some sort, not sure if it was a business campus or what it was. I took a turn kind of fast and a campus cop came after me. They were on a motorcycle and they yelled at me about turning instead of going straight down the street, and so I turned another corner, this time to the right. I was driving down a street/highway that was similar to the ones I saw in California - busy and confusing. I kept going until I got to this place that looked like a mine or a factory or something like that. I climbed up a hill of grass and vines and through a small door. Some people there were trying to figure out a key to something that was wires, but looked like spaghetti. Random. I was able to figure out how they were supposed to wind and lock the wires together so they wouldn't fall all over the place. They were wound on a special contraption that one person was trying to replicate by bending a coat hanger. I then looked over to a corner of the room/cave looking thing we were in, and there was a bike, but it wasn't a bike, it had two wheels like a bike, but then had slats, like from a swing set, that moved like a Nordic Track thing, where you would glide each one back and forth to get momentum to move. More randomness. Then I woke up.

I actually looked up the bike design, and couldn't find anything close to what I saw in my dream. Probably isn't even plausible, but it's what I saw. I should draw a picture of it or something...

I keep having really strange dreams... I should write more of them down, though they probably don't mean anything, they are somewhat entertaining, lol.

That's all I've got for now. As far as relevant stuff, I'm still looking for a job.... Not fun when you don't have money in the first place, and looking for a job takes money... go figure. I can't even find my one pair of khaki pants right now coz I left them here when I went to Cali last week. I don't know where any of my good tops are right now either... Meh.

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