Monday, August 31, 2009

randomness.... just trying to get tired enough to fall asleep!

I've been sending my resume to different businesses I've found on Craigslist in the E-ville area today. Got one response this evening from one. They wanted me to pay for a background check on myself, and they would refund me at the "follow-up interview"... providing I ever got that far. So they want me to spend roughly $30 to give them info on me when they could reasonably look it up themselves? Umm... how about No. Gonna wait and see if anyone else responds to me. The Whirlpool factory here just decided they are shutting down and outsourcing to Mexico (why? they're all migrating up here to get jobs and we're sending our jobs down there? apparently that's cheaper for the company...) Anyway, the job finding places like Work One and others are pretty much getting swamped right now since whole families worked there. So, I'm just putting my resume out as many places as possible. I should probably send it to the Careeer Services at BC and see if they can give me any pointers on how to make it better.

This last weekend I went to church with my parents at their church. Yesterday the visiting pastor was telling us about his church, a Progressive Primitive Baptist Church. And they are "progressive" because? They have a piano. The whole musical instrument thing is a sore subject with PBCs. Why they don't allow instruments that God gave people the smarts to create and play to worship Him is beyond me. Denying people that just seems to me like it quenches the Spirit. But maybe that's just me. Can't tell anyone there otherwise anyway.

I guess that's why I ended up in a Assembly of God church while at college, which became my home church. Bring on the musical expression, dancing, even flag waving, speaking in tongues, raising hands in the air, and being loud in praising God!

Frankly if we can stand up and cheer and clap for a sports team or something, why not do it for God? It may sound silly, it may be silly, but shouldn't we shout our praise for our Savior? I'm not a loud person usually, but I think we should sometimes get loud in praising Jesus! lol What good are we if we just mumble our praise?! It's like mediocre. What's up with that?

Anyway... time to go to bed. I was going to post some random thoughts on songs... but I'm getting tired, after having written for a while and still not gotten anywhere, and my English skills are decreasing by the second, and I will not want to get up in the morning now, and I can hardly keep my eyes open... time to finish this run on sentence and get some sleep....


Holly said...

Hey Nora! Just wanted to let you knwo that I'm thinking about you and praying for you...

Anonymous said...

they do not have musical instruments because in the new testament...which the beliefs are based on...instruments were not used in worship...>^,,^<

Nora said...


I know that, and I said that. It is just that the belief is based upon what little we know about the early church's worship. It's fine if they don't want to, but to call everyone else wrong for using musical instruments in worship is just a little Pharisaical to me. Maybe it didn't say to use musical instruments in worship, but God gave people the ability and the desire to, and it doesn't say explicitly to NOT use them.

Also, if the PB's were modeling themselves after the early church, they would be living in community, sharing everything as people have need. Or maybe they have some reason why that isn't the case. And since they discredit the Psalms that speak about musical instruments because that was OT worship, what about things like the 10 Commandments, which many will proudly display in their yards, etc.? The main idea behind the New Testament worship was freedom from laws. Yes, there are basic guidelines on how to elect deacons and such things as that, which there should be. But I also believe in miracles that happen today, though people that God gives spiritual giftings so that He can use those people as His vessels for His work.... which is the opposite of what the PBC believe.

If a PB has a kid who wants to play an instrument, do they let them outside of the church? Probably. But inside the church? Using their talents to worship God? No, that is forbidden.

And yes, I realize that we disagree on this point, but I just cannot stand that people always make comments about it there! I know I can't change anyone's mind about it, but I just wanted to write about how I see that particular belief.