Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have run out of original titles for my posts.

This week has been mostly blah. Bible study and getting my teeth cleaned = the highlights of the week. And those were on my day off. I've just felt so oppressed/depressed this last week, for absolutely no good reason. Sure maybe the beginning of the week was just PMS, but the rest of the week had no reason to feel so crappy. My car didn't break down this week. My schedule was good at work. Work was busy, but not depressing. I even got scored on a call, and got a 100! I've been getting good scores, praise the Lord!

Praying this week is less blah...

Worship this morning at church was good. We sang Hillsong's "Desert Song". Such an appropriate song for today.

Oh, a shout out to my friend Jana. Thanks for reading/commenting on my posts! :) I bid you (and whoever else is lurking but not replying) a goodnight.

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Jana Alexis said...

You're so welcome. :)