Sunday, August 19, 2012


As I come back from the retreat, just barely starting to do laundry, and just processing everything... I am feeling like I want to stay off the grid a while.  I want to stay in this presence of the Father, and not be sitting in front of this shiny screen to type, however I wanted to get my thoughts out on "paper" before they left me, as they so swiftly do. 

I had a good time getting to know the ladies from our women's group.  It was refreshing.  The takeaways from this weekend are going to have to process for me.  I'm not one to know right away what my takeaway will be.  I just don't process things that quickly.  I just pray that the things I learned this weekend will stick with me, and I will be able to continue with them.

I may be lacking in sleep because I wasn't in my own bed for two nights, and the workweek before was slightly hectic.  But I feel spiritually refreshed.  This was a long time coming, and it was such a blessed weekend.  It's like a flavor note.... it finished with a sweet one for me.  Church service this morning was refreshing as well.  A good finish to the retreat, although not directly a part of it (although it was a God-part of it).

I didn't really talk a whole lot.  I mostly listened to other conversations and tried to learn more about other people.  Things have to be drawn out of me.  Talking with people is difficult, as I'm not real big on small talk and whatnot.

I re-learned a lot of truths this weekend.  Things I've walked in before, but have not for a while.  It was refreshing.  I know I keep using that word, but it was. 

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