Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strange but vivid dream

Sometime last week, right before I woke up in the morning, I had a strange dream.  This is not uncommon.  Sometimes I remember the dream, sometimes I don't.  That morning I remembered this dream:

It was like I was looking at a comic book online or maybe scrolling down my Facebook feed.  I saw a picture that had been posted.  I don't remember who posted it.  But it was in the comic style with one rectangular scene above a second one.  In the top picture was what looked like a boxing ring.  Outside the ring was a crowd of people, all dressed in nice clothing, fancy dresses for the women, and suits/tuxes for the men. This was the scene of a well to do group of people.  In the middle of the boxing ring was a pastor, and a bride.  The bride was standing there, in a beautiful white dress, veil over her face, waiting on her groom to arrive, as he had been delayed. (Why they went ahead with the ceremony up to that point I'm not quite sure, but maybe for the illustration...) The scene, although drawn, was somewhat real and was moving like a video as well, like one of those cut-scenes in a movie where they zoom in on a photo or drawing and it comes to life.  In this cut-scene the groom ran in, pants wrinkled, barefoot, tuzedo jacket and shirt gone, only wearing a silvery-white vest.  He looked as if he had been mugged.  The crowd gasped, as they covered their mouths with their hands, wide-eyed and shocked at the situation of the groom.  The well meaning pastor asked if he was ok, and what had happened.  The groom said something, that I can't remember clearly, but it was something like a man had come up to him, and asked him for his coat, in a very impolite manner.  The pastor asked something about whether he wanted to call the cops and have the man hunted down.  The young groom then said, in all innocence something about not needing to do that, but he had given him the coat, and his shirt.  (For some reason the guy didn't want the vest? Still not sure why he had the vest on)  He mentioned the Scripture about it: Matthew 5:40 - "And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well."  At this the crowd reached for their handkerchiefs to wipe the tears from their eyes at the innocence and obedience of the groom.  The pastor stood there, amazed at the young man.  The bride laughed a short, slightly anxious laugh, happy that her groom had made it to the wedding, as they fell into each others arms in a grateful embrace.  The picture zoomed out again, back to the page, the pictures contrasting one another: the first of an almost outrage at what had happened, the second of complete joy of the innocence and obedience.

And then I woke up.


mary christine said...

Um, crazy awesome prophetic dream.....

Nora said...

About? Elaborate maybe? Lol. I have no idea what all it may mean.