Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Praising God for those in my life who are such an undeserved blessing to me.

Praising God for closing doors on purchasing certain vehicles, and praising Him for opening the doors to the decision to get my new (to me) car.

Praising God for the ability to get a vehicle... one that runs; and stops; the windows all go up and down; the trunk lid actually closes (and even opens automatically!); keyless entry!!; A/C and heat that works; a radio that works; LED headlights; cupholders!; doors that aren't iffy; it doesn't veer off toward the ditch the moment I let go of the wheel (only to test the alignment!); and my Mom likes how it sits! :-)

Praising God for time to seek His face, even though it won't be at church, and it will be difficult missing the women's group.

Praising God for a schedule that will allow me to have time to clean up my apt, and craft, and actually sleep.

Praising God for the things He is doing at NPCC, and the spiritual growth going on right now.

Praising God when it's easy or hard to do so.

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mary christine said...

just read this. this was totally my day today. praising in the time where I really really just want to complain because I'm feeling kinda blah. but entertaining blah only makes one more blah. praising is better. oh so much better. yay for new things! :) love you!