Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back home

I am back in Indiana. Currently at my Uncle's house in Indy. Going to be going home this evening with my sister, who is in the area.

I was told by my boss at Camfel that because of my problems with my back and knees that they were sending me home. It wasn't because I was a bad worker or anything. He said that I was really determined and picked up quickly on things, but he did not want me to injure myself from all the physical activity. I knew when I went that it was going to be a very physical job. I just didn't know how physical. Right now I can hardly bend over, my knees hurt, and my hands/wrists are really stiff and sore.

I am really bummed that I am not going to be doing what I thought I was going to be doing for the next 10 months. I am not sure where I will get a job in Evansville. I think my sister Nancy is going to be helping me out with getting a job.

I am going to miss the people I got to know out there at Camfel.

So for now I am coming back home... hoping that something down here will finally work out and I won't be constantly disapointed in my ventures for a job.

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Holly said...

Hey Nora! Are you doing okay? You're in my prayers... God is Sovereign & Faithful.
Psalm 23