Monday, September 3, 2012


What can I say? I find myself clicking "unfollow" and "unlike" a lot these days. Especially if someone posts something with vulgar language or even generally stupid material. I don't have need for that in my life. Maybe you take good photographs or are an amazingly good artist. But when I see things that offend my spirit I will continue to click "unfollow" and "unlike" on those profile pages.

I feel as if my media filter has become more fine as I continue with where my mind and heart has been after our women's retreat. It's like an oasis has been found in the desert. A more accurate term may be rediscovered. It's been there. I was just going in circles. Going through the motions. I feel reawakened to spiritual things that I've experienced before and yet this is different. It's as if the whole church body at NPCC has been awakened to the same thing, except it's going to go deeper. I am so excited for the things we are learning as a church body, and the spiritual growth that is happening. To take the phrase from the lesson during the college group Crossroads: The Journey Is The Destination. We are never fully there spiritually. We may be more mature than we used to be, but we've always got more to learn and experience!

Although I may not be quite sure my spiritual gifting, I do know another gifting god has given me. And that is being an artist. I wanted to share this piece, which is the one I've recently worked on. The clouds with the lightning represent life before Christ. The sun rays, blue sky, and fluffy white clouds represent the grace God bestowed on us in His Son, Jesus. Yeah, maybe it's a simple drawing in Sharpie. But it was an idea I needed to get out of my head since the word "grace" has been on my mind lately. I don't know what I'm going to do with the piece now that I've drawn it. I just keep thinking of what else I can draw next!

Well this has been a lengthy blog for me. I should go to bed since its already midnight-thirty...

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mary christine said...

I have a version of "grace" sketched out that I want tattooed on my arm.... :)