Sunday, January 11, 2015

Re: Leaving Church

(Posted on my personal Facebook page January 9 at 11:39am)

I keep seeing these posts from various publications about why people are leaving the church. The gist of all the ones I've read is that the church isn't doing enough to meet people where they are. The church should basically accept the lgbt community as it is, allow those who don't believe in heaven or hell to spread their misinterpreted doctrines, and allow swearing and drinking in excess. Here is a paragraph from this particular article (below at the end of this post) that pulls out some of the biblical examples of people the author apparently identifies with: 

"Even if we are the woman in adultery, or the doubting follower, or the rebellious prodigal, or the demon-riddled young man, we can’t be anything else right now in this moment; and in this moment, we need a Church big enough, and tough enough, and loving enough; not just for us as we might one day be then, but for us as we are, now."

Well, I have news for this author: The adulterous woman was forgiven and told to stop being adulterous; The doubting follower had faith and believed; The rebellious prodigal came home; The demon-riddled young man had his demons cast out from him! To think that you can come to Jesus and stay the same, without even a hint or an inkling of desire to ever change is the biggest lie out there about Christianity. And to go around hating on the church because YOU refuse to change... How in the world is that going to make a better church? Or even a better you?

No, people are leaving the church (in America) because they don't feel catered to, they aren't having their feelings met, and they aren't getting instant gratification.

If that isn't your reason for leaving the church, at least stop harping on how the church has failed you and look at what you can do for the church to help reach people! If you want a church that looks like Jesus, you better start acting like Jesus. Keep in mind, Jesus wasn't a social activist hipster.

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