Monday, June 23, 2008

I have to move, yet again. This time just one door down into a smaller apartment that I will have to myself for July, but will regain my current roomie in August for the three weeks or so that we will have before school starts again.

I was told today that the current state of my room (slightly more messy than even I would prefer it be) was "unacceptable". Never mind that I really haven't been around the apartment that often, except to run in and out and maybe sleep there, which I have not been doing the last couple of nights, and will not be until Saturday, which will be in the other apartment because I have to move by Thursday or Friday. Blah. Even so, I was apparently just "making excuses" for the messy state of my room. That state would not stand in the house of the person who checked the rooms today. I really wanted to tell her that I was not living in her house, and whatever she has her boys or her house guests do, she is not my mother either. Instead I just stood there crying like an idiot because I felt about an inch tall by that time, whether she meant for that or not. It did not matter that it "wasn't personal", it sure felt like it. Then she mentioned that when a person's car is messy that it usually means there's a lot of stress or whatever in their life... basically their life is messed up too... by the time she mentioned that I was basically wondering if she was referring to my car, which if I had the place to put my things at the church, would not be as full as it is still. I asked for a place to put my bike, but none was found. I suggested the YM office, but that was apparently not an option. Thus is is still residing in my back seat. Lovely. Sure I may need to clean my stuff up a bit, but maybe I would prefer to have some space to put my things before someone goes and rails on me for everything not being put away.

Other than that, well... I'd really like to finish the rest of my dinner right now, but I am in the lab. And I should run to the store or something before I go back to the apartment, before I go back to Cindi's house where I'm house sitting. I just hope that I get a paycheck soon...

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