Thursday, June 26, 2008

listening to a short little green guy

Maybe i'm being irrational. Maybe i'm actually trying to plan for my future. Right now i'm not sure. Thus the blog post.

I was talking with some people at church the other day and Alberta mentioned to the guy she and Kandice were talking to about how i am the live in computer whiz at the church right now, and she mentioned that i'm not studying anything related to computers. For some reason people always seem to be shocked that i have such an interest in computers, and yet have not studied them at all during my college career.

I've been looking into ITT-Tech, and the possibility of going there for some classes.... more like 4 more years of classes, for a Bachelor's Degree in something... which I am looking at Criminal Justice - Cyber Security. It's something that I am interested in. It would sort of teach me how to be a computer CSI or something of that sort. Basically it would be a lot of skills that I am interested in learning.

If I did that I would have to apply, first of all. Then I would have to move to Indy where the campus is that has the degree. That wouldn't be so bad. It would be closer to home, and still close to here. It would be another 4 years.

What am I thinking?

I may or may not do this. I would like to do this. Just like I would like to get into shape. It's possible. Do I have the motivation? Do I have the will to do this? Can I really follow through? I have been a disappointment to myself in following through with things over the last few years. My freshman year, I felt that I was someone who could be counted on, who kept promises, etc.... Lately, I really do not feel like that is the case so much. I want to get back to that level of reliability, and ditch the apathy that has been so prevalent.

I was looking at the Indiana State Police website at their physical requirements. They have the goals, and they have some ways that you can train to reach them. I am going to follow their training for running. I just have to actually get out and do it. Is it really that hard? I will have time the rest of the summer to do things in the mornings most days. All except Sunday and Monday. All other days the earliest I have to be somewhere is at noon on Wednesday and 10am on Saturday. Is that too much to ask? That I rise early enough in the morning to get some exercise in? Can I be that determined?

I want to do this because I do not like the current physical shape that my body is in. It also would help my mood, sleep, and energy level in general. So why not?

In the words of Master Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try."

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Anonymous said... have a lot of choices and big decisions in front of you. i pray that you'll trust fully in God as He leads you right where He wants you.

as far as the dedication to getting in shape--you can do it!! i also have recently lacked motivation and dedication to running and working out in's a continual discipline, but it really does help to improve mood and feelings. you can do it! =)