Thursday, June 5, 2008

a poem for the misunderstood

if you took some time to listen
maybe then you'd understand
what you have been missin'
about who i really am

you're so quick to judge me
you're not easily pleased
every time i try
you got me cryin' on my knees

i'm not tryin'a be like this
disrespectful and all
it just don't seem right
to be the only one to fall

you don't know my issues
not like you really care
maybe you been through a lot
but you haven't been there

i keep my thoughts to me
unless i think i can speak
but you keep talking... asking questions
then you make me feel weak

humiliation breeds anger
at least it does for me
and the stress that i speak of
comes from anxiety

you want me to do things
but it's never done right
and how i respond
well, it's fight or flight

it's like i've been cornered
and i can't get free
but you don't notice
how it really affects me

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