Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pressed But Not Crushed

It's been hard. It's going to continue being hard. Casey's message tonight was a sort of pep-talk for the interns. He mentioned us in his message when talking about pressure and stuff. He said something about diamonds and how they are formed. It was good. Hard, but good.

I've had many different things compounding together lately that have been stressing me out, making me more vulnerable to stress, etc. So... i'm going to go to bed now... because it all begins again tomorrow... but i will be spending some time with Sara in the evening, after running errands during the day, and hopefully getting my car to my mechanic to make sure the leaks get fixed. I can't believe that i've been driving it with the leaks for so long... definitely not good, but there hasn't been much i could do about it lately, but now i have to.

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