Sunday, May 18, 2008

The internship starts in the morning.

Today has definitely been interesting: Going to church with a sickly roommate; Leaving church to take the sickly roommate to MedPoint; Going to the 5th grade party, since they will be joining us as 6th graders when school lets out; having 20 minutes to sit down and eat before going to the youth leader meeting; sitting for an hour and a half while we try to brainstorm on things we need to do as a ministry to better reach the youth in our ministry; having another 20 minutes or so before the next meeting, which was the Core Leadership meeting which lasted until almost 8pm; Then talking to people afterwards; Going to get Julia her meds for all the things she has right now.... which took forever.

It is currently almost 11:30pm and we all have the internship to be at at 8:55am. This is the reason i have energy drinks.

I have come to a conclusion about some things... I need more of Jesus... I can't keep going through the days without talking to Him.

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