Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cell phone, sunburn, & forced insomnia

Yesterday i was at Casey and Erin's for Memorial Day. They had invited me and Kandice since they knew we were still in town. While there i texted my parents to see if they were doing anything. I haven't gotten to talk to them much in the last few weeks. I asked my Dad if they had any company, if my brother and his girlfriend had come over at all. He said they hadn't coz they were working. I told him that we were having bbq, and he replied back that he couldn't have that anymore. I texted him back and asked why. He said coz 2 weeks ago he found out from the doctor that he has diabetes...

I can't say that i hadn't expected that. I had wondered since it runs in his family, particularly since all of his siblings have it to some degree. It's still kind of interesting hearing that he has been diagnosed with diabetes. He called me after i started to text him back, and he said that he and Mom have been walking to one of the little shops in town every day, and he had been up on the roof sweeping it off and cleaning out the gutters, and he's measuring how much food he eats and stuff now. So, it sounds like it's got him doing some more healthy things.

Today has been fun, but it wore me out. I went to help Casey out with something at one of the local middle schools. They had a day where they did stuff outside. It was really nice, a little cold, but good. We got Dippin Dots for free. Those things are amazing :-P I'm sore from going back and forth trying to keep these little hoops in the right spots for kids to run through like the football players do the tires. No one could run through them properly, and they kept on taking them with them around their ankles. But they seemed to have a lot of fun with everything. I think i'm going to have to take a hot bath just to get my muscles to calm down a bit.

The internship is going interesting... The relationships with roommates seems a little strained right now. My roomie and i get along fine, but the other ones don't seem to get along with us so much, but they get along with each other. Dunno if that makes sense or not. Last night i was so stressed by everything i just wanted to get out and leave, but it was about 1am so that wasn't too smart to actually do. It just bothers me that everyone is loud and fights/argues all the time about things. I don't really know why everyone is so on edge all the time.

I got sunburnt today. So now i feel warm and slightly ill... not a good feeling. I need some sleep (which i didn't get much of last night for trying to get everything cleaned up before giving up and going to bed after 1:30am knowing i had to be up by 7:00 to get ready to go to the school today), but have to clean up the apartment because it's being shown tomorrow, apparently to some pretty important people, so we have to have it clean. Some days it just feels like bootcamp would be easier than living here.

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