Friday, May 2, 2008

Goals for the summer

I am thinking about some of my goals for this summer before i head out to my new residence for the next three months.

One of my goals is to begin exercising in some way consistently. Whether that is biking every day or playing basketball in the gym or whatever, I want to do something. I need to lose weight, but I also want to build up endurance because it really stinks not being able to run or anything without wheezing and coughing for the next hour or so. I think that one of the causes with my weight gain over the last year or so has been the medicine i've been on. That is definitely listed in the side-effects.

Another goal is to read some books. I have some that I have started but not finished. I want to finish them. And maybe start some new ones.

I also plan on just keeping in touch with people. I know so many people who are currently graduating or just simply doing something new during this year that is taking them from their home base.

I need to plan on reducing some of the stuff that I have. I am in the middle of packing/sorting/putting things in storage. It's definitely interesting.

Well, i need to possibly do something productive... or maybe just chill... I will have plenty of packing to do this evening...

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